Candidates with Families in Alberta will have Higher Priorities in the Alberta Express Entry Stream

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There’s good news for candidates willing to immigrate to Alberta and also have family relatives living in Alberta as citizens/permanent residents. You will most likely receive an NOI under the Alberta Express Entry stream. About 25% of NOIs are now allotted to applicants with families residing in Alberta and considerable experience in in-demand occupations. 

This step isn’t primarily for family unification. Rather, it is meant to address the labour shortages in Alberta. 

New Selection Criteria for the Alberta Express Entry Stream 

The Alberta Advantage Immigration Program or AAIP is the Provincial Nominee Program of Alberta. On 18th January, it added new selection criteria- having family relatives in the province as citizens or permanent residents. 

Whether you have a sister, child, parent or brother in Alberta, it will be a tad easier for you to receive an NOI from the Alberta Express Entry stream. Similarly, it will be easier for you to apply for permanent residence in the province. 

What about the Other Eligibility Criteria under the AAIP? 

The other eligibility criteria under the AAIP remain unchanged. This new selection criterion impacts the Alberta Express Entry stream only. The other criteria such as graduation, job offer, etc. are still the same. 

There were about 41,000 new jobs in Alberta around the month of December 2022. It is however expected to have a shortage of 33,000 workers and 100,000 jobs by 2025. And this new program update can help encourage more newcomers to apply for immigration to Alberta. 

AAIP and Alberta Express Entry Program | What are they? 

As mentioned earlier, AAIP is the provincial nominee program of Alberta that helps newcomers immigrate to Alberta. The program manages eight streams categorized for entrepreneurs and workers. 

For instance, the streams for workers are: 

Eligibility criteria for the Alberta Express Entry Stream: 

  • An active profile in the Federal Express Entry pool 
  • A statement of interest for settling in Alberta permanently
  • An experience in an in-demand occupation 
  • A minimum CRS score of 300

You will have higher chances of getting an NOI if you:

  • Graduate from a post-secondary institution in Alberta 
  • Have considerable work experience or a valid job offer in Alberta 
  • Have a family in Alberta as permanent residents/citizens 

You need to submit your profile to the federal express entry pool first. If you get an NOI, send a copy to the AAIP to convey your interest via email. 

You will get an NOI if you meet the minimum eligibility criteria. Then submit the application to apply and you will get 600 CRS points extra in the federal pool. The completed applications are submitted to the pool of eligible applications for further processing. 

Need Help Applying for the Alberta Express Entry Stream? 

 At Chharan Immigration, we have experienced immigration consultants to help you navigate through the complexities of the Express Entry system. Our team guides you through the right stream depending on your immigration goals in Alberta. We ensure that you will get through the Alberta Express Entry program without hassles or heaps of paperwork.

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