Closed work permit

Closed Work Permit

A closed work permit restricts your ability to work in Canada to a specific position. It also means that the company mentioned on the permit is the only one you may work for. You may qualify for this permit if you have a job offer from a particular Canadian firm. It was created for people who have work possibilities confirmed from a recognized company.

– With this permit, you may travel to Canada with peace of mind and security knowing that you have a job waiting for you.

– You will only work for the company listed on the permit, which permits concentrated work in a particular role.

– A closed work permit simplifies the employment process by connecting you directly to a specific job, getting rid of long job searches.

 How to gain a Closed Work Permit

– Make sure your job offer fulfills all requirements for a closed work visa, including matching the requirements for employment in Canada.

– As you carefully complete the application, make sure that all of the information matches the employer’s details and the job offer.

– Provide necessary documents, such as the job offer letter, to support your application.

– Once submitted, patiently wait for the processing and approval of your closed work permit application.


Making your approach to a certain job in Canada is possible with a limited work permit. With it, you can work for a particular company and enjoy a safe and productive work environment. A closed work visa may be your first step towards achieving your goals if you have a confirmed job offer from an organization.