What To Do If Your Express Entry Profile Changes After You’ve Received an ITA?

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What To Do If Your Express Entry Profile Changes After You’ve Received an ITA

It is normal for an Express Entry profile to change even after you have received an Invitation to Apply or ITA for Permanent Residence in Canada. But, you should maintain all the criteria required to get through PR at least unless you have submitted your eAPR or electronic Application for Permanent Residence. Update your profile as and when required so the IRCC doesn’t accuse you of providing misleading information. But, the question is how. So, let’s find out. 

How Can ITA Recipients Update Their Express Entry Profiles?

According to immigration consultants, applications are often rejected or delayed because of false or confusing information provided in them. Thus, it is imperative for you to update your Express Entry profile no matter how minute the change is. This lets the IRCC know that all the details are accurate. 

The Express Entry system has three programs to offer:

  • Federal Skilled Traders Program or FSTP
  • Federal Skilled Worker’s Program or FSWP
  • Canadian Experience Class or CEC

No matter which one you choose, keeping the profile updated is mandatory. 

Here’s what you can do when your profile changes after you got your ITA:

  • Upload supporting documents to verify the changes you mentioned on the profile. 
  • Send an explanation letter to the government if it is not possible for you to attach the supporting documents. 

The letter of explanation is also known as LOE. It helps you explain why you couldn’t attach the supporting documents within the time frame of 60 days. Though it holds a crucial significance, LOEs are assessed on the basis of your case and may be denied or approved depending on the decision of immigration officers. 

Is It Difficult to Change Express Entry Profiles?

You don’t need any explanation if the profile changes before you have received the ITA. Once the invitation is sent to you, your Express Entry profile is recorded in the Global Case Management System or GCMS, which makes updating the profile difficult for you. 

However, the best thing to do in this case is to keep the information as accurate as possible. Attach supporting documents as evidence or send an official explanation letter to get through the immigration process efficiently. IRCC shouldn’t find you misinterpreting yourself to come to Canada. 

How do Profile Changes Affect your CRS Score?

Express Entry Profile changes are confusing because it affects your Comprehensive Ranking System score. Making changes after receiving the ITA can alter your CRS score and improve your chances of getting the invitation to apply in future draws. 

But, there’s a catch. 

Profile changes, in specific cases, can make eligible candidates ineligible for permanent residence even if they already got their ITA. For instance, language test results are usually valid for two years. If this time period ends and you still haven’t submitted an eAPR, you will be ineligible for Canadian PR. This is also why you should stay abreast of the proof of funds requirements since they change every year. You may lose your chance of getting a PR if you don’t meet the basic income requirements. 

Wrapping Up, 

It is normal for an Express Entry profile to change even if you have received an ITA. You must keep the profile updated with accurate information and send a letter of explanation to verify the changes to IRCC. Alternatively, you can leave it to licensed immigrant consultants who can guide you accordingly.

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