Extension of Study Permit

Extending Your Study Permit

Study Permit Extensions Edmonton

With a study permit extension, you can stay longer in Canada to finish your studies when your existing permit expires. If the duration of your program is longer than the date on which your current permit expires, you must extend it. It maintains your legal status so you can easily continue your study.

You may request an extension if you want to continue your education and your study permit is about to expire.

How We Assist

We specialize in Study Permit Extensions. Our goal is to simplify the process and to make sure a smooth transition for your continued education in Canada.

 – We assess your case to see if you apply for an extension.

– We help gather and organize required documents.

– We guarantee that your application for an extension will be submitted on time.

– We follow up with you regarding the progress of your application.

– At any point during the process, we are available to answer any questions or discuss any extra needs.

Why Choose us

We expand your educational opportunities as well as your permits. Our committed strategy wants to quickly and smoothly get your extension of study permit.

– Continue your academic journey without interruption.

– Maintain legal status in Canada while pursuing your studies.

– Access various academic and career opportunities.

– Take advantage of more of Canada’s various culture.

You can access additional learning opportunities and experiences in Canada by extending your study permit. In this exciting period, let us be your partner!

Are you prepared to continue studying in Canada? Get in touch with us right now!