Restoration of Status


Be calm if your status has been cancelled in Canada. You are able to restart your travels inside the nation once you get your legal status by completing the Restoration of Status procedure. If your visa expires before you apply for an extension, you could lose your status in Canada. The process of restoring your status is called restoration of status.

To continue living or studying lawfully in Canada, you must restore your status. It save difficulties and lets us protect your legal place. If you have lost your status within the last ninety days and fulfill particular needs, you can be qualified for Status Restoration.

How We Help

Restoration of Status applications are our area of expertise. Our goal is to make the procedure as easy as possible for you to recover your legal status.

-We analyze whether you’re eligible for status restoration.

– We help you collect the required paperwork.

– Timely and accurate submission is guaranteed by our team.

– The status of your application is monitored by us. Our specialty is applications related to status restoration. Making the process of gaining your legal status as simple as possible is our aim.

– During the process, we are available to answer any questions you may have.

Why Choose us?

We aim to bring back your peace of mind, not only handle the paperwork. We promise to make sure the Restoration of Status procedure goes well.

– Regain your legal status in Canada.

– Avoid potential legal complications.

– Continue your education or work without interruptions.

– Maintain access to healthcare and other essential services.


A second opportunity to keep your legal status in Canada is provided through restoration of status. Call us to assist you with this procedure!