PR Card Renewal


The PR Card Renewal Process in Canada

The Permanent Resident (PR) Card is an important piece of paper for people living in Canada permanently because it proves their legal standing there. However, PR Cards have an expiration date, just like any other legal ID. They need to be renewed on time to ensure you can keep enjoying the benefits of permanent residency.

When to Renew:

People who live in the country permanently should renew their PR card well before it ends. Up to nine months before the ending date, you can send in an application to renew. If you don’t renew on time, you might have trouble getting back into Canada after traveling abroad or using government services.

Eligibility for PR Card Renewal:


To be eligible for PR Card renewal, applicants must meet certain criteria. Key eligibility requirements include:


●      Permanent Resident Status:

Applicants must maintain their permanent resident status and not be under an active removal order from Canada.


●      Time Spent in Canada:

Renewal applicants should have spent at least 730 days (or 2 years) in Canada during the last five years before submitting their application.

Residence Outside of Canada:


Any time spent outside of Canada during the renewal period should be in compliance with the residency obligations outlined in immigration regulations.


The Renewal Process:


Start Early:

Begin the renewal process well in advance of the expiry date. This ensures that any unexpected delays can be fixed without risking a lapse in status.


Gather Necessary Documents:

Collect all required documents, including proof of residency, travel history, and any additional documentation requested by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).


Complete the Application Form:

Fill out the PR Card renewal application form (IMM 5444) accurately and thoroughly. Any errors or omissions may result in delays.


Pay the Fees:

Submit the required processing fee with the application. Payment can typically be made online, and the current fee information can be found on the IRCC website.


Mail the Application:

Send the completed application form, supporting documents, and proof of payment to the designated address in the application guide.


Wait for Processing:

PR Card renewal processing times may vary. Applicants can check the status of their application online using the unique application number provided upon submission.


Biometrics Appointment (if required):

Some applicants may be required to provide biometrics as part of the renewal process. Attend a biometrics appointment at a designated location, if applicable.


Importance of Renewing your PR Card

Renewing your PR Card is a critical step in maintaining your status as a permanent resident in Canada. By understanding the eligibility criteria, diligently completing the application process, and addressing common challenges, you can move on to the renewal process smoothly. Timely renewal makes sure you continue to enjoy the benefits of permanent residency in Canada without interruption.