Bridging Work Permit

Bridging Open Work Permit (BOWP) | Canada immigration

Bridging Work Permit

You can continue working under this special approval while you wait for decisions on permanent residency or change jobs inside Canada. If your job status is changing or you are a temporary resident looking for permanent residency, you may be eligible for this permit.

 Get advantage of Bridging work permit

– Continue working throughout transitional times without facing a loss of income.

– Change jobs or categories with ease without losing your work permit.

– Continue working while you wait word on your permanent residence status.

 How to apply

– Make sure you fulfill the requirements according to your circumstances and application status.

– Send on time, correct documentation to the relevant immigration agency.

– Applications are usually completed quickly, so there are less delays to your work.

When waiting for decisions on permanent residency, the bridging work permit is an important tool for maintaining job security between shifts. It serves as your entry into continuous work.

Take seriously the bridging work permit for an easy transition and continuous work during changes in Canada.