Humanitarian and Compassionate


Chharan Immigration invites you to learn more about the Humanitarian and Compassionate Programme (H&C). This programme is kind and helps people in special situations by giving them a chance to find safety and start over in Canada. The Humanitarian and Compassionate Programme is made for people who are going through very difficult and important situations. It shows compassion for people in need by acknowledging that not all immigration cases can be put into standard groups.


Exceptional Circumstances: The H&C programme helps people who might not be able to get into the normal immigration system because of legal or procedural issues. It looks at things like how long the person has lived in Canada, family ties, and what is best for any children involved.


Stay of Deportation: One of the best things about the H&C programme is that it might be possible to get a stay of deportation. People who are being told to leave Canada might be able to stay here on humanitarian grounds while their H&C application is being handled.


Family Unity: The H&C programme knows how important it is for families to stay together. It looks at how separation affects families and tries to make it easier for people who are in special situations to get back together.


Access to vital Services: People who are accepted into the H&C programme can use Canada’s vital services. This includes social services, schooling, and health care, giving people and their families a way to start over in life.


Long-Term Settlement: The H&C programme can help you become a lifelong resident of Canada. Once someone is approved, they can stay in Canada for a long time and contribute to society while taking advantage of the country’s chances.


To apply for the Humanitarian and Compassionate Programme

Candidates must fill out an in-depth application that describes their specific situation and the problems they are facing. Chharan Immigration helps people with their applications by making sure that all the important details are taken into account.


  • Consultation with Chharan Immigration:

Schedule a consultation to assess eligibility and gain guidance.


  • Gather Documentation:

Collect necessary documents, including identification and evidence of your situation.


  • Complete Application Forms:

Fill out required H&C application forms with Chharan Immigration’s assistance.


  • Write a Detailed Letter of Explanation:

Write a comprehensive letter outlining your exceptional circumstances.


  • Submission of Application:

Submit the complete application package to the appropriate immigration office.

Conditions of qualifying

The conditions of qualifying for the H&C programme are broad and open to change. There aren’t any set categories, but people who are successful usually show that their situation calls for special attention for compassionate and humanitarian reasons.


Chharan Immigration wants to help people through the Humanitarian and Compassionate Programme, which gives them a way to find hope, rebirth, and a new start in Canada. We try to help people in tough situations find comfort and security in Canada by putting compassion at the centre of our work.