LMIA To Be Processed in 10 Days for Some Foreign Workers in Canada

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Federal Skilled Worker Program

Labour shortages have become a common problem all over Canada. Thus, the shortening of LMIA processing time is an attempt by the IRCC to fill the skill gaps present here. The Temporary Foreign Worker Program or TFWP comes into play when IRCC gets no qualified candidates to fill job vacancies. This work permit program requires some employers to complete a Labour Market Impact Assessment or LMIA. The new update from the IRCC confirms that this LMIA can be processed in 10 days under special circumstances. 

10-Day Processing of LMIA Under Special Circumstances 

LMIAs used to take about 21 days to be processed. In December 2022, for instance, employers could process the LMIA in 21 days. The streams that were used include the following: 

  • Low-wage stream
  • High-wage stream 
  • In-home caregivers stream 
  • Global Talent Stream 
  • Permanent Residents Stream 
  • Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program

The new update allows specific employers to process the LMIA in 10 days. The criteria to allow that are: 

Workers in high-wage skilled trade occupations 

Employers hiring international workers in high-wage skilled trade occupations can process the LMIA in 10 days. The skilled trades should help in the development of infrastructure and extraction of natural resources in Canada. 

Here are the occupations eligible for the 10-day LMIA processing standards: 

Image source: https://www.cicnews.com/ 

Workers getting wages above the level of the top 10% 

If you offer a foreign worker a wage that is at par or above the 10% of total wages earned by permanent residents or Canadian citizens, you are eligible for the 10-day LMIA processing. The median wages in Canadian provinces are: 

  • Alberta – $28.85 
  • British Columbia- $26.44
  • Ontario- $26.06
  • New Brunswick- $21.79
  • Manitoba- $23.00
  • Saskatchewan- $25.96
  • Quebec- $25.00
  • Prince Edward Island- $21.63 
  • Nova Scotia- $22.00
  • Newfoundland and Labrador- $24.29

Workers in occupations with a short duration 

Employers looking for foreign workers for a maximum of 120 days are eligible for quicker processing of the LMIA. The international worker should receive a salary that is at par or above the territorial or provincial median in that specific region. 

Wrapping Up, 

The 10-day LMIA processing time is good news for several employers and skilled workers. Employers can get hold of the right candidate to fill vacant job positions. And workers can get a career opportunities in their desired Canadian province. 

At Chharan Immigration, our experienced immigration consultants guide you through the job occupations suitable to your profile. We help you get through the work permit application processes so you start living your Canadian dream hassle-free. 

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