Canada Eases PR Transitions for Doctors and Physicians

PR Transitions for Doctors and Physicians

Doctors and physicians play an integral role in keeping communities in Canada healthy and safe. As the Immigration Minister said in a recent meeting, international physicians are critical resources in our community. They have been helping to care for the aging population and keep families healthy, especially since the pandemic struck. Thus, the Canadian Government wants to attract and retain more doctors from all over the world by making it easier for them to attain permanent residency in Edmonton, Alberta and the rest of Canada. 

Doctors Can Get Permanent Residency in Canada Quickly & Easily 

The federal government has admitted that doctors have faced hurdles while acquiring their PR under the Express Entry System. But, it shouldn’t be that way, considering the immense contribution they have to the Canadian community. The government is planning to free healthcare professionals from the fee-for-service model that is currently used in Canada for this sector. It is because this model renders them self-employed and prevents them from meeting the eligibility criteria for acquiring permanent residency throughout Canada. 

This means more doctors will get access to the economic permanent residence programs in Canada. And the ones already existing here can remain here permanently. 

Employers in the healthcare industry need to fill thousands of vacant positions available all over the country. Thus, the IRCC is improving the overall immigration system that will enable foreign nationals living in Canada to continue staying and working. 

Easier Access to Permanent Residency in Canada for Physicians 

IRCC is improving its labour shortages in the healthcare sector by refining its immigration system. This step will allow foreign nationals to continue living and working in Canada. Here are some important facts regarding the easier immigration of physicians in Canada. 

  • IRCC prioritizes temporary work permit applications in the healthcare sector. 
  • IRCC has accepted at least 8600 temporary and permanent resident applications in 2022 from foreign nationals in this sector. 
  • Over 3600 physicians and 8600 nurses became permanent residents through the Provincial Nominee Program and Express Entry in 2015. 
  • About 4300 permanent residents got enrolled under the health care streams of the time-limited TR to PR pathway. 

All in all, doctors and physicians can expect significant changes in the immigration system in 2022. It will be easier for you to acquire the PR status due to these changes. Contact Chharan Immigration to stay abreast of all the changes in the Canadian immigration system.

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